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Golden freddy VS Ellen rap battle

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Ellen Endivisor:  Oh look, an animatronic, trying to defeat me again, well, it hasn't happened, and it's never gonna happen friend, you should just give up, I've beaten many animatronics before, and before you can even get to me, in your face I'll slam the door, I'm the greatest night guard, you bet, got my name on every check, and not one animatronic can get to me, I've survived twenty-five nights, prepare to be defeated, as you try to give me frights, but I'll wear the mask and close the doors, and stay all five nights!

Golden Freddy: You think you can defeat me? Then you just ain't ready. Its just sad to think that you can slam the door. Why don't you check the west hall? I'll beat you like i beat them all. cuz in reality im a giant, and your wimpy and small. GF? GR: Get Rekt. MC, cant beat me. Im not freddy, which you'll see. slam the door? Haha cute. in your office looking dead, then the last thing you'll see is my head. now you're gone, what a shame. thanks for playing my little game. On the job you snooze, I win, you lose. we'll stuff you into suits. Its me, its me, its me, I T S M E 

Ellen Endivisor: Oh man, you crossed the line, at first I thought you were cool, but don't mess with Ellen Endivisor, I make the rules! And what do I say? I say today, you were just made as a decoy, in actuality, you're as stupid as Balloon Boy! Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, I've destroyed them all before, and now I'll destroy you, you were an Easter egg in the second game and you were scrapped in FNAF 3, too!

Golden Freddy: Y'know, i'm the best, so much better than the rest. if you think you are cool, you make yourself a fool. it's em-bear-asing, how you act like you can rap. once i'm done with you they'll say "thats a wrap!". you're a loser elleen, that's what i'm tellin'. i am right, you? when i fight you. i drop the bombs, i'm like donkey kong! you can't even rely on a four-leaf-clover. now it's time for your g-g-game OVER!



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