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Is angonist of five nights at shadow freadbear 2.he is a dog who appears of you office if you click 56 times freadbear wallpaper nose then he appear in you office and kill you(jumpscare you but not crash you game.

Name:Golden Sparky
Appears in the game:Five nights at shadow freadbear 2
Last appears:Five nights at withered plushtrap


enemies:Mike shmidf,Jeremy fitzgerald

friends:Nightmare freddy and all of the aniamtronics

easter eggs:If you click 56 times freadbear nose he appear in you office

jumpscare style:Phantom foxy style


He is yellow sparky the dog with black pants.he is not in sitting position but standing position.He also appear in night 14 on 12 am in you office if you put mask he go away!.He also have yellow tail

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