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Golem is a bipedal creature made of various types of rock. Golem's entire body structure is stained light-purple, the only exception being it's eyes, which are represented by two luminous, slightly stained, green emeralds. The emeralds populating Golem's back are the exact same emeralds use to represent eyes, with the only different being that these emeralds are painted purple. Bits of blue diamond that have been fused in on the upper-half of the arm are barely visible to the naked eye. Golem's hands, although appearing to be made of the same minerals as its arm, are actually bars of gold, glued together, painted purple. Golem's legs are of the same appearance of it's arms, although they pale in comparison to the rest of Golem's body. Golem uses it's sturdy body to engage in combat, as well as the purple crystals on it's back, which Golem throws in order to cut it's enemy when Golem is not mercilessly crushing them. Its body is so sturdy that human fists, bullets, hammers, anvils, and any heavy object will not be able to penetrate any of the rocks which make up Golem. The only way to damage Golem is to find a way to drop it from a large distance. However, despite doing a decent amount of damage to Golem, Golem will quickly find more rocks to repair itself, making it basically immortal.


The everlasting science versus religion debate came to an end, and it was settled that science and religon could be used interchangeably. Knowing that souls did indeed exist, a group of scientists were researching if they could infuse a soul of a deceased person into a inanimate object. They tried desktop computers, phones, beds, jewelry, all of these failed. The project was intended to never be spoke of again as it was a failure, when one of the researchers began to look over the previous trials, a few months later. He noticed that each of the inanimate objects used in these trials did not have arms or legs. Based on this information, the researcher hypothesized that by using an object containing arms and legs, a soul would be able to posses this object. He introduced the idea to the scientists that worked on the experiment, and they agreed to try one last time. Needless to say, it was a sucsess. The super-hero action figure used in the experiment was able to move around without the need of it's wind-up crank. The scientists got excited, and decided to sell the laboratory in which their experiments took place, to show another person how to preform the ritual.

Fazbear Entertainment purchased the laboratory, in hopes of creating a new type of character, their previous animatronics, all of them, tampered, dismantled, and became murderers. Fazbear Entertainment's CEO visited the laboratory, and quickly figured out how to preform the soul infusing ritual. He returned to the building, and announced work on a new character, Golem, would begin. After two months of labor, Golem was manifested, and it was granted life. Workers attempted to imprison Golem in order to take it to the establishment, but Golem resisted, and proceeded to go on a rampage. Golem killed all the workers, eliminated the restraints, and took down the helicopter in which it would be carried in. Police had to get involved, attempting to shoot Golem, but their bullets bounced back off of Golem. Golem promptly destroyed all police vehicles, and then fled, to live it's life in exile.  


Golem is a vile, ruthless killer to anything and everything. Once someone accidentally steps into a cave where Golem is resting, that person usually is never seen again. The person is beaten, tortured, and then stabbed in the heart, executing the person. Golen never shows any type of affection whatsoever to anything except the rocks which it usesd to regenerate. If a piece of garbage falls into a cave where Golem is idle, even the smallest object, Golem spends an unnecessary long time elaborately ripping apart the piece of garbage, bit by bit. After Golen uses it's crystals to rip apart the object, Golem proceeds to use objects in it's cave to begin a large fire, and then burns the object. If a rock is thrown into Golem's cave, then Golem will place the rock in a corner, to be used for later regeneration. If Golem's entire cave is destroyed, if it was done by a person or an object, Golem will do everything in it's power to destroy the cause of the cave's destruction, and then Golem finds a new hiding area.  

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