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I see

I hope

But it's already gone

Who said when

Who said Why?

Who said the bloodlust from your eyes?

Who said why did you go?

Who said why did you die

and became one of those, hell written lies.

Who said

Why are you gone

Why did you chosen this fate

Who Said

Why did eyes bleed from the truth

Well I say

Its all gone!

It won't come now!

Everything is gonna be now!

Who said

Die in a fire

Who said

Cry as much as you talk

Who said these things

Was it you, was it me?

Cant you fell that or is it me

Who said lies

Who said pain

Who said you deserve to die

Was it me?

Was it you?

Or was it all Gone

Who said

Die in a fire

That busted your heart

Who said lies and lies and more lies

Now look who crys

Who said why....

Who said Die...

Who said cry if it's worth...... a dime

Who said kill

Who said suicide

Who said that

with tears pouring out of your eyes

Who said




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