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Grace is a nearly-mute, female and young guard who is very shy around anyone she never met.


Grace is a shy female who actually has large fears. She's polite when she does know who she's near. Sadly, she doesn't know many people. Even though it may not look like it, she's also very cunning and usually comes up with clever problem solutions 78% of the time.


Grace was just roaming around Freddy's place when the Purple Guy jumpscared her and tortured her. She soon was released from torture one month later, too afraid to speak again. She can still speak, but she's too afraid to do so.



  • Ninja Nobi - Grace was on her shift one night, when she encountered Ninja Nobi. She soon hid under a box, and shortly after, she gave up, and Ninja Nobi allowed her to roam the pizzeria. Sadly, she can't say "Thank you." Because she's too shy to speak.


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