Grimtotem13's Night Shift at HTF Land is a crossover between FNaF, Happy Tree Friends and a Little of crossing with the Saw franchise.


The only mechanics that the player haves are a monitor, a vent with unlimited power that opens if the monitor is raisen up and a door with limited power.



He is a Wikia user and serves as the main protagonist. He is an HTF fan.


He is the first enemy who becomes active. He is not very fast and agressive. Only approaches from the door.


She is the second enemy who becomes active. She is slightly faster tan Cuddles, but still has the same agressive level as him. Like Cuddles, Giggles only approaches from the door.


He is the third enemy who becomes active. He is slightly faster and slightly more aggresive than Giggles. Toothy approaches from both the vent and the door.


He is the fourth enemy who becomes active. He is much more quicker than Toothy. Lumpy approaches from the vent and the door.

John Kramer

He is not really a character from HTF. John Kramer is from the film Saw and acts like the Golden Freddy of the game. He will appear rarely in the vent when the player raises the monitor down. The vent must be sealed to prevent him kill the player.

Game Over screens

Each enemy has its own game over screen. They're listed below.

  • Cuddles' game over screen shows him watching Grimtotem13's corpse pinned in a yellow star decal wall.
  • Giggles' game over screen shows her drowning Grimtotem13 at a pool with pink dye.
  • Toothy's game over screen shows him eating Grimtotem13's dead corpse in a dark room (this references to Don't Hug Me i'm Scared 5).
  • Lumpy's game over screen shows him uploading a video showing Grimtotem13's dead corpse to YouTube.
  • John Kramer's Game Over screen shows Grimtotem13 getting close to a few spikes, which indicates that he will be spiked (a reference to one of promotional theatrical posters for an upcoming Saw film: Saw VIII, which is better known as Saw 8).


  • There are 18 cameras in the game.

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