Guaco and Tyle are a pair of animatronics who support eachother. Guaco is a robotic dodo, and Tyle is a robotic dodo rider. Both of them can be seperate or together with different special traits. They debut in Five Nights of Bloodlust.

Tyle and Guaco

Their first image together


They both start at Crystal Cove, their own location. They then move to the Show Stage, Main Hall, and then split up.


When the duo reaches the Main Hall, Tyle will get off of Guaco's back and go to the left. He can slide through vents faster, and slide under doors before they get shut.


When the duo reaches the Main Hall, Guaco will let Tyle off his back and go to the right. He will often fly to stop you from seing him on the cameras, and jam the doors with his iron beak.



Tyle was once a baby boy, who was kidnapped and re-designed to be an animatronic which was decided by Freddy. 3 years later, they decided to pair him up with Guaco, who was only just being finished at the time. Ever since, they have been together to the end, ready to take down the guards.


Guaco was being constructed by Mangle  when Tyle was finished. He started off with some system faults, and the team improved his systems, to make sure. 3 years later, they decided to pair him up with Tyle, who was finished after they paired them together. Ever since, he learned from him and learned unsual things your everyday animatronic can't do.



A happy guy, who likes supporting his friends. However, his trust is limited to the toy animatronics and Guaco. Cheerful to help a friend in need, he often makes mistakes however, which is where Guaco comes in.


Guaco is a smart animatronic, who supports Tyle and others with air control. He still makes mistakes in conclusions and the outcome, which he soon corrects. He is not too friendly, but anyone he knows he knows well.