Harmony the Lioness
"Need help?"
Some attributes
First Lioness/animatronic
Second Female suit
Third Peaceful
Other attributes
Fourth Keeps things orderly/peaceful
Fifth Hides herself often

Harmony the Lioness is an animatronic at Freddy's.


Harmony usually wears a gray or black cloak very often, because she doesn't want to get sighted by the Annihilation, a terrible group that wants to cause war in the pizzeria.. Under the cloak is a blue dress with white going down starting on the top of the collar. The dress is short sleeved and has a white shirt under it. Harmony has some bird feathers right under the ear.

Character Bio

Harmony was originally a spare animatronic, with no exact role. However, when kids started getting rowdy, the company put Harmony into business, using her to prevent fights and injuries from happening. She also keeps the peace for the animatronics an night too.

Not long after the first day Harmony was put into business, the killer (AKA Purple Guy) wanted to kill another child. He lured a 12-year old girl named Marie into the backroom and killed her (or so he thought). He found Harmony's suit, and stuffed her into Harmony's suit. In reality however, Marie was actually faking her death.

Social Life

Harmony is not exactly the most popular, nor the least. She, however, is despised by the Annihilation.


She has Marie's personality: peaceful, kind, and a good strategist. She is hard not to dislike, though there are some animatronics that made the cut.

Special Relationships


The Annihilation: She tells the kids and younger animatronics to stay away from them. Most of them don't know the reason why, though there are a handful that do. To quote her: "Stay away from that group. They like to harm nice beings."

The Annihilation's targets: Harmony protects them with all her might.

Golden Mangle: They are enemies 'cause they are opposites.

Toy Harmony: Harmony 1.0 hates Toy Harmony a lot, just as much as Icy hates Holly.


  • Harmony was originally going to be named Melody.
    • This name is currently reserved for another animatronic her creator is making.