Harry the Malevolent Hyena
Some attributes
First Hyena/animatronic
Second Male suit
Third Loves chaos
Other attributes
Fourth Prankster
Fifth Hates Skye the Swan

Harry the Hyena is a very, very, VERY, malevolent hyena. Beware!


Harry is a light brown hyena with brown eyes, a blue hoodie, and blue-gray shorts.

Character Bio

Harry was supposed to play LIGHT pranks, but when he was possessed, he even made VERY dangerous pranks!

Social Life

Harry pretends to act benevolent around child animatronics (with the exception of Holly the Fox, mind you), but when they leave, he plays dangerous pranks on seemingly random animatronics! Thus, he's not popular. A kid named Daniel possessed Harry.


Harry is a "benevolent" hyena, but he's actually a troublemaker. He is also very mean.

Special Relationships

Skye the Swan: He hates her so much that he blames her a LOT for his pranks. He feels proud of it, but Skye feels resentful toward Harry.

Holly the Fox: He bullies Holly due to the fact about Holly being a pacifist.


  • His name was originally going to be Nick.
  • He represents pride.


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