Hatchet is an animatronic. He is an unknown creature, but looks most like a faded yellow coyote. He is the leader of The Ascension, an intense group with no goal in general.


Hatchet is very insane and cruel. Even towards the kids he has always been a bit off. He is never the same towards kids, though. He pretty much plasters on a smile for them. He also is extremely creepy, he twitches a lot, makes very sporadic movements, and sometimes even walks around on all fours. It is unknown why, however.

Phone Call(Canon)

"Hello? Hello? Hey! Congrats! 3rd night! Umm, yeah... I don't think they told you about Hatchet yet have they? Hatchet is that spare suit in the back, h-the yellow one? Yeah, he should be coming tonight. He's pretty messed up. Uhh, I never really liked him, I mean, he's probably the creepiest to watch out of all them. But one thing I should mention about him is he can disable your cameras for extended periods of time, we really never found out why- something about his technology interfering with ours - I mean, we put more advanced technology into him, but... turns out it doesn't mix well with ours. Anyways, good luck and g'night.

Phone Call(Fanon, Anthony Miller)

"Hey, it's Anthony again. You're probably getting tired of hearing from me by now, but Hatchet should be coming out soon. In fact, you may wanna look at the parts & service room while im talking. He's pretty creepy man, I mean, dude makes way too... out there... movements, y'know? But he can disable your cameras for longer periods of time then the other animatronics, I dunno why. Maybe he's magic or something *chuckles* yeah. That won't happen. But good luck, talk to ya tomorrow."


Hatchet's backstory is shrouded and mystery, and whenever anyone asks, he shuns it off.

Game Over screen

Hatchet has a different game over screen from the rest of them. The game over screen is a "gif" if you will, of Hatchet sitting in a room with one light, smiling and twitching uncontrollably, with blood on his hands and teeth, implied to be you.

Theme Song

Hatchet's theme song is the movie "Dead Silence"'s theme because it is extremely creepy and suspenseful, which fits Hatchet to a tee.

Dead Silence Theme Music02:59

Dead Silence Theme Music

Trivia/Important info

  1. Hatchet "stutters" because of a permanent gltich in his programming that makes him have trouble speaking. He was decommissioned afterwards for scaring the kids due to this.
  2. Hatchet has a temporary glitch in his system where he will basically have a seizure. He will slouch down and just move all his limbs sporadicly. It is unknown why this was caused.
  3. He is believed to be Mike Schmidt, according to the Epilogue of;_For_Real

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