Hey, uuh, have you ever seen Hatty? Hopefully not. He's a puppet. Whatever you do, DONT LET HIM IN. If he is in, i hope you have at least 1 bar of flashlight battery, because that's what it takes to make him go away. Dont put on the mask while he's inside. At later nights he's hyperactive, so watch out. Where did i put my pepsi...

-Phone Guy talking about Hatty.

Hatty H. Hattington is a Marionette-like character. <title source="name"><default>Hatty Hattington</default></title> <image source="image"/> <title source="title"><default>Hatty Hattington</default></title> <data source="firstappearance"><label>First Appearance</label></data> <data source="latestappearance"><label>Latest Appearance</label></data> <data source="creator"><label>Creator</label></data> <data source="species"><label>Species</label></data> <data source="AIlevel"><label>AI Level</label></data> <data source="status"><label>Status</label></data> <data source="location(s)"><label>Location(s)</label></data> </infobox>


Hatty has a blocky head with a Marionette-like suit and strings. He also has some yellow buttons.

When he leaves p&s, his eyes change.


In night 1-2 he is mostly at p&s. He goes from P&s to main hall to a random party room and stays there.

At night 3 he is like a normal animatronic, but on night 5-6 he goes on a frenzy. Sitting and hiding everywhere, making you panic, but almost never entering the vents. If he is in the vents, you're pretty much screwdrivered, unless you have a flashlight, and at least have 1 bar of battery, be


Hatty's jumpscare

cause you're gonna need it.


Hatty when he left P&S


If he enters your office, unless you have your flashlight on, he will suddenly disappear.

Quickly put your flashlight on. If not, you see his eyes, but they look like empty eyes with a vertical line in the middle.

You will be sent to the title screen without a game over.

Sometimes the purple tears will become red.


If in a custom night he is set to 20, if he jumpscares you, the game crashes.

If he enters the office when you have the mask on, a big "ITS ME" appears on your screen, crashing the game.

In a custom night when he is set to 0, sometimes in p&s he is seen staring at the camera with a red "ITS ME" on it.

At some points when he is activated you hear him saying some messages.

"I'm not the bad guy. Maybe a bit surprising..."

"Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B ATTACK"

"Now im poppin' in, over here, over there..."

"Hairy baby! Hairy baby..."


This song randomly plays when he leaves P&S.


His name originates from a Battleblock Theater character with the same name.

Some of his "secret messages" are actually references to something.

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