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Haz is a half-human/half-animatronic 18-year-old and son of the human Carlton Brown and the space-animatronic Alya.He normally goes around in his animatronic form, but when it is required, he equips his human disguise.


As an animatronic, Haz is a wolf, like his mother.He is of a blue-grey color and has yellow eyes.The attire he wears consists of a black backwards-cap(attached to his head) and grey shorts.Usually, he carries around an Iphone 7.

In his human disguise, Haz has tan, but grey-tinged, skin and bright blue eyes, as well as black, slicked-back hair.He wears a black t-shirt with a red Underarmour logo under a white hoodie.On his bottom parts,he wears blue, worn jeans and black Converse All-stars.In his hand is an Iphone 7(only if he needs to call someone)

Transformation process

When transforming from animatronic to human, Haz gets enveloped in a blue-grey blur and all his human parts grow out of his duro-plast shell, then he emerges as a human.However, if transforming from human to animatronic, Haz's eyes glow white and he gets swallowed by a spirit-like endoskeleton head, in which all his human parts rip and fall off, and finally Haz comes out as an animatronic.


Haz is a cool dude with a long fuse, but if anyone hurts his parents, he snaps and rages out.He is calm and trustworthy to his friends and family, and short-fused,hateful and angry to his enemies.


  • Haz was originally going to be called Jak Brown
  • His birthday is 23rd November
  • He absolutely HATES his girlfriend's brother

PS:He is a character in Five Nights at Freddy's:Wars, as the first male player character

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