Hazel and Strawberry
Some attributes
First Cat/animatronic
Second Male suit
Third Stubborn
Other attributes
Fourth Cat/animatronic
Fifth Female suit
Sixth Smart, and a little shy



Hazel is a cream colored cat with hazel colored ear tips, paws, and tail tip. She carries an ocarina around at all times, similar to Abigail. She wears a cyan bow tied to her back head, a pink star necklace, and a white dress. She has violet eyes.


Strawberry is a white cat with (fake) strawberries stuck to his head and tail. He wears an apron, similar to Ace.

Character Bio

Since Fazbear Entertainment wanted two twin cats to show kids different hobbies, they created Hazel and Strawberry. Hazel was going to be an ocarina player and Strawberry going to be a cooking instructor.

Social Life


Hazel is slightly shy, but she does have friends. She has a kid named Jennifer stuffed into her suit. Hazel is very smart and is rumored to bring good luck wherever she goes.


Strawberry is stubborn, but still kind-hearted. He had no kid stuffed into his suit.



General: Hazel is slightly shy, but this doesn't stop her from having friends, does it?

Special Relationships

(This and Strawberry's "special relationships" sections are free to edit)

Strawberry: She shows sibling competition with him sometimes, but they usually get along.


General: He is stubborn sometimes, but he is still kind-hearted.

Special Relationships

Hazel: See above.


  • Hazel is 2 years younger than Strawberry.
  • They, along with Icy, Antony, and Chara are inspired by characters from a song.

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