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GTF: Hello, and welcome to Hidden Camera! Today, we are going to meet a certain celebrity... WJ: Holly the Fox!! Yeah!!

  • Sets up a hidden camera*
  • Holly walks by the camera*

GTF: 'Kay, the subjects are in position... WJ: NOW!!!

  • Door opens and Foxy accidently runs into Holly*

Foxy: Sorry, lass! Holly:'s o-okay!

  • Awkward conversation goes on for a little*

GTF: Yes!! It's working! Thank god! WJ:'s all going to plan...muhehehhehehe... GTF: Huh? What's going o-*muffled by a gag* WJ: Muhahaah...let's see, ah yisssss...poison gas...! Holly: Hey Foxy, is it smelly in here, or is it just me? Foxy: Was'nt meee...*voice trails off and faints*

  • Holly faints*

WJ: Yiss!! Now for my faver-ouite part! The final curtain ca-!

  • Get's wacked in the back of the head by a chair*

Holly: Oh, yer dumber than ya look!

  • Foxy comes in and unties GTF*
  • Foxy and Holly smile at each other*
  • Mike walks in*

Mike: What the heck?!?! What happened in here?!?! GTF: Well, that concludes Hidden Camera! Another couple created! And a villain fired! Holly and Foxy: Well, that's all folks! Good bye!

  • Words go across the screen: THE END! ANOTHER LATE VALINTIMES MASTER PEICE!!!*

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