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Hiromi Wheeler is a fan animatronic that can only appear in a Cutscene if you beat Night 5 (Only if you use Evelyn Cartwight).


Hiromi appears to look like Balloon Boy. Except he has green eyes, a white shirt and a red cap (it makes his hair hard to be seen) that says "HW" in yellow letters. which it stands for his name (H stands for Hiromi while W stands for Wheeler), he appears to wear black pants and black and white sneakers.

In the Cutscene

After Evelyn wants go home, she spots Hiromi and grabs him. She turn around seeing the Toy Animatronics along with Charlotte and Miku. She thinks Hiromi can be the only way to save herself. She lift him up but disappeared shortly after, revealing to be hallucination despite being Evelyn's "Imaginary Friend".


  • Hiromi is originally a human or unlockable Night Guard.
  • Hiromi is originally female, but the creator changed it to male because she didn't have male OCs. Despite Hiromi is unisex name.

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