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"You have reached Parts and Services."
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Holly's Expedition is an RPG-Themed game made by South Ferry, with permission from Aqua-Fox Games.


One day, the innocent, Holly the Fox arose from a long slumber to find herself in the 1987 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She was on the show stage. Bewlidered, Holly decided to ask an animatronic for a way out. She left the show stage and began exploring the pizzeria, making it to the Main Hall. At the Main Hall, she was stopped by a milk-white recolor of Freddy Fazbear. He declared himself "God Freddy", and was shocked by Holly's beauty. He had no idea who she was, but God Freddy kindly asked her to inhale his dong. Holly did not know what a dong was, and she kindly declined. God Freddy, angered, decided to engage Holly. God Freddy simply flicked Holly's head, and Holly was thrown to the wall in an instant. God Freddy pitied Holly, and decided to give her some equipment. God Freddy left Holly on the floor with new equipment, gave her helpful advice: "git gud", and left her there.

Holly, got up, rejuvenated, and equipped the equipment. Now slightly stronger, Holly began engaging multiple party hats she encountered throughout the building complex, and she got stronger. Holly decided to wander into kid's cove, where she found Mangle, lying on the floor. Mangle believed Holly to be Foxy, so, she politely asked for an esoteric sex toy. Holly was now scared, she quietly said no, and Mangle replied with "But I need it.". After a long twenty minute monologue, Holly finally decided to get Mangle an esoteric sex toy. Immediately after leaving Kid's Cove, she finds a burnt, damaged, Balloon Boy. Holly jumps back in surprise, and Balloon Boy calls Holly by her name. Phantom Balloon Boy explains he knows everything because he had explored different timelines, and explains to Holly she should not be in this timeline.

Holly asks Phantom BB if there is a way to return to her original timeline, and Phantom Balloon Boy declares she must defeat all the Phantoms. Phantom BB proceeds to open up a shop to help Holly on her journey.

Holly continues her journey, "gitting gud", and giving Mangle the esoteric sex toy. As thanks, Mangle gives Holly a monitor which teleports her back and to the "Phantom Dimension". Holly enters the dimension, and finds Phantom Mangle available to engage. Holly engages Phantom Mangle and beats it. Once Holly returns back to the pizzeria, Phantom Balloon Boy telepathically tells her to come to his shop. Once there, Phantom Balloon Boy gives Holly the Monitor back to her world, however, as four Phantoms remain, it is not accessible. Holly returns to the Phantom Dimension, and finds nothing there. Phantom Balloon Boy explains to Holly that she must do things for the real animatronics, then their Phantom versions are available to engage.

Holly continues gitting gud, and doing jobs for the main animatronics. Using a vacuum to inhale Freddy's dong, buying Foxy a "Privacy Blanket", retrieving Chica's cupcakes, and fixing the Puppet's music box. Holly finally engages every phantom animatronic. After all phantoms are killed, Holly cannot go back to her own dimension. Turns out, Phantom BB was actually having Holly preform the revival ritual. Phantom BB, now revived, stronger then ever, engages Holly. Holly manages to defeat him, and is yet again, back in the pizzeria.

God Freddy appears again. Holly, now stronger then ever, engages God Freddy. Holly defeats him, and Holly returns to her dimension, and the game ends.

Holly Analysis

Maximum Level

Holly's maximum level is 50.


Slap: "Holly slaps the enemy. What were you expecting?"

Holly +: "Holly takes an attack stance for five turns."

Holly -: "Holly takes a defense stance for five turns."

Golden Holly: "Holly begins teleporting to each enemy and beating them."

Shadowy Ritual: "Holly focuses and summons Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie, to aid her for three turns."

Yiff: "Holly attempts to yiff the enemy. Has a high chance of missing."

Takedown: "Holly focuses and delivers and astonishing blow, however, she damages herself."

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