Welcome back to Freddy Fazbears.. Hound.


Gender: Male


Species: Grey Wolf

Dislikes: Balloon Boy, The Puppet, All other Animatronics except Mangle and Foxy.

Likes: Mangle and Foxy

Occupation: Prize Corner helper and Pirate Cove entertainer.

Killscreen: Pounces at you and see a few frames of him ripping your chest.

Spawns at: Parts & Service


Hound looks like foxy as he took his place. Hound is grey and big. He does not stand up, he always walks like a dog.

Phone Guy Mentions

NOTE: I only made this up!

"Umm... I forgot to tell you about hound, he roams around and can scare the animatronics so it won't be a problem! He only starts to roam around at 3:00am so that's not really anything to worry about. Good luck on your 4th night!"


When Foxy was discontinued in early 2007 for accidentally grabbing a child's shirt. Fazbear Entertainment ordered a new endoskeleton. The endoskeleton they recieved was the latest design and process many things giving the CEO an idea to give Hound two jobs; Prize Corner and Pirate Cove. A child once got too close to Hound making him trip over and fall off the stage in Pirate Cove, damaging him majorly. He was fixed but quickly put in the Parts & Service. At 03:00am (the time he was thrown into the Parts and Service) is where he rises up again and for 3 hours and roams the building.. with only the security guard to notice. Hound was not properly fixed, so he malfunctions and is forced to try and kill anyone.


  • Even though he spawns at Parts & Service. There is no frame of him wandering there.
  • He is only active through 3:00am to 6:00am.
  • If any animatronics are in a close room to Hound, they will go back. Hound can scare them away.
    • This does not work for the Puppet, Mangle or Foxy.

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