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Nightmare bonnie

It could be there...

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(Foxy takes out diamond ring) Foxy:I want to ask her but i cant! Mangle: Foxy just do your best no matter what she will accept! Just be you! Foxy: Ok! (scene cuts to snowstruck singing firework) Snowstruck: YOU JUST GOTTA IGNITE THE LIGHT. AND LET IT SHINE. JUST OWN THE NIGHT. LIKE THE FORTH OF JULY. CUZ BABY YOUR A FIREWORK!!! (camera pans down to foxy sitting on top igloo. Foxy: Even her voice sounds like diamonds. Snowstruck: Hey foxy! (foxy screams) Snowstruck: Watcha got? Foxy: Oh nothing just a diamond ring to.. uh... Put in my tresure chest Yeah! Be right back! Snowstruck: Ok?? dont know what hes up to! (scene cuts to pirate cove where foxy is singing [song and lyrics coming soon] a song about asking snowstruck to marry him) Mangle: Foxy i told you be yourself! Foxy: I know! but how will i tell her? (camera pans to diamond ring) !!!TO BE CONTENUIED!!!

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