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The backstory of Dominick is that he was turning 11 when his Dad took him to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and so Dominick, like most stuffed kids, got killed by Purple Man, but one quote he remembers is "FISH HOOKS IN YOUR HANDS, FISH HOOKS IN YOUR FEET, FISH HOOKS IN YOUR EYES.", which terrifies him to this day, but he does use it as a threat.


Dominick is actually 25; He wears a black sweater with a hood and blue jeans, but he does occasionally wear a black blazer and ripped jeans and sunglasses. He is 7'5 and he still looks young as if he was in his early 20s. Dominick also wears a black scarf and has hazel eyes. His hair is black and very cool (Personally, I think he looks like Levi from AoT).


Dominick is an average man with some things people classify as odd. He can be creepy at times and he can replicate anyone's voice even if they aren't real or if they're a girl. Dominick does tend to lashout with anger, like one time when he said to someone, "I'LL RIP OFF YOUR HEAD, RIP OUT YOUR HEART, AND PUT YOUR HEAD WHERE YOUR HEART SHOULD BE." He was in the military at 25 but he left at 28. He was a Sgt. Major so he knows how to win an fight and how to be a total a#%hole.

Games He Appears In

He doesn't appear in any games yet.



  • Dominick's outbursts sometimes enable a matrix-esque effect for him, so he can obliterate his enemies.
  • Dominick is a very good sniper and he was in The Royal Canadian Airforce.
  • Dominick is Canadian, but has a temper similiar Trevor Philips.
  • Dominick sometimes yells, "IM GONNA HEADBUTT YA, IM GONNA HEADBUTT YA." Then, he usually headbutts his enemies.
  • Dominick has his own theme song but he hums it or sings the lyrics (the song is called Guren No Yumiya).
  • Dominick has a very fine taste of music.
  • Dominick had a squad of his own called Squad KiloDelta.