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Hybrid is a mixture of animatronics so he would have multiple personality disorder including Springtrap he's actually quiet shy and polite in neutral mode but due to his body being a mixture he usually isn't in neutral even though he can control his personalities he also is able to shapeshift but he can't shift into humans so he's virtually impossible to find in hide n seek but when you get close to him usually you would hear whispers or heartbeats.


He doesn't have any yet.

Games he appears in

He's not in any


Hybrid doesn't kill the security guard

Hybrid is very cute at some times

Hybrid was named after his maker Nicholas "Hybrid" Leiss

Hybrid can speak in morse code allowing him to chat with Mangle

Hybrid was made of a old Bonnie and then repainted

Hybrid has earned the nickname "Shifter" and "The Infection" due to 1:he can shapeshift 2:because he can take over people's minds like the Flood

Sometimes if someone is near Hybrid they will hear someone say this in a distorted voice which sounds like the zombies that are on fire in Half Life 2 "HELP GOD HELP PLEASE HELP" which has led many to believe the person stuffed into him is still alive

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