Hey guys! its me the creator of FNaF A Pirates Life for Me,and also the I'm Bad! FNaF Parody,so I decided to make another parody,this one is another one about the Hybrid Empire,but about it's Civil War,so hope you enjoy!The link to the original song w/ lyrics is here: So enjoy!


(Rebels)We are the rebels,we don't want kings no more,That's why we started The Hybrid Civil War,people say were no fun,But we disagree,especially when explaining parliamentary democracy,we are particularly excited by the notions of jurisprudence-

(Hybrid Foxy and Monarchists)That's enough dullness,were the monarchist crew,supporting King Foxy,and everything that he'll do.Rebellion bores us,it's really a crime,when your complaints and other stuff cuts our business time!

(Rebels)Rebels,rebels!,keep monarchy down please,rules and regulations,there dull,but fair!

(Hybrid Foxy and Monarchists)Monarchists three cheers,hungry for power,we live to conquer the whole world,unfair?Dont care!

(Hybrid Foxy)I am the king,I can do what I like!Start up a war,or a big tax hike.Haven't got a wife,not interested.

(Rebels)O' law! Really King Foxy,were not quite sure!

(Hybrid Foxy)Insolence,is that how you talk to the crown?! I am the king!,I'll just close rebellion down!

(One of the rebels)I'll think you'll find that's in breach of due process.

(One of the monarchists)Here's what we say to that: Pfft!,Now clear up this mess!

(Rebels)Rebels,rebels!Monarchs should be drowned,eh? Don't believe in crowned heads,democracy's our thing!

(Hybrid Foxy and the Monarchists)Monarchists,three cheers!,your superiors,we're all toffs who cry 'Here,here' and 'God save the King'!


(Hybrid Foxy and the Monarchists)Monarchists!


(Everyone)The Hybrid Civil War!

(One Monarchist)Why is it called civil? (One Rebel)May I kill you please? (One Monarchist)Sure!

(Rebel Leader)Love civil wars to be fought on this land! If I get to power,fighting will be banned!

(Hybrid Foxy)No chance rebels!,victory will be mine! You'll never pass a ban on fighting and war!

(Rebel Leader)That's what you think,just wait till your caught! I'll also scrap sinning,armies,and war!

(Hybrid Foxy)Your pathetic war will finish even before it's begun!

(Rebels)We've taken Foxy prisoner,the Rebels have won!(Hybrid Foxy) Oh.

(Rebels)Victory,three cheers!,Monarchists in tears,no power for years! (Rebel Leader)I'm the leader of the pack!

(Rebels)Foxy's head chopped off!,Hurrah now the king's dead,sins binned instead,a righteous track!

(Hybrid Foxy)But we'll be back!

END Thanks for reading!

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