Hey guys,its me the creator of FNaF A Pirates Life For Me,The Hybrids,and others,and I'm back with another parody,this time I'ts about the RAF of The Hybrid Empire defending the towns and settlements from some barbarians,the original song is here: So yeah,enjoy!


(Charlie)We fighter pilots fought the barbarians,cause our emperor told us to.

(Jacob)In Tornados and Typhoons,performed feats of daring do.

(Josef)The finest fighter pilots that the world could hope to have:

(Charlie)Charlie!(Jacob)Jacob!(Josef)Josef!(Alexander)Alexander!(Daniel)And Daniel!

(Jacob)Hold fire!,are those some mercenaries risking their necks?

(Alexander)That's right,some of the bravest men were hired to fight!

(Everyone)We liked to fire!,beating the others our one desire!(Jacob)Yeah,yeaaah!

(Everyone)All we do each night is pray we'll live to fight another day!

(Josef)Take that,barbarians!

(Charlie)My name is Charlie Rogers,let me tell of my ordeal,lost both feet in accident,these one aren't real!

(Everyone Else)There not real!(Charlie)I left the airforce after that,fighting was a hobby.But when the emperor called for us,came back!(Everyone)Just like Robbie!

(Charlier)Shot down 22 of them,led the air defense,till finally one of them hit me back,oh no pretty baby!

(Everyone Else)His plane on fire!(Charlie)Stuck in hospital,such a shame to retire!(Jacob)Yeah,yeaaah!

(Everyone Else)Never forget this great man's story,and his role in our glory!

(Josef)We flew in rough battles,lucky to survive till the end.(Jacob)Not that I'm complaining,but i've had loads of training!

(Josef)Epic dogfights in the sky,outnumbered that's why,(Jacob)We're now known as the greatest fighters.

(Daniel)Phew,he missed me!

(Jacob)The battle of West River was our pilots' finest hour,although it seemed that the barbarians were the stronger power!(Everyone)Oh so strong!

(Jacob)We mustered all our courage right before the battle,scrambled air force squadrons to fly sortie after sortie,saw the invasion off just as we came back,our bravery meant that the barbarians wouldn't be back for good!,No no!

(Everyone)We defended our empire!Without us frequent flyers your life would be poorer!!(Jacob)Yeah,yeaaah!

(Everyone)Hybrids securer! Our story of heroics will forever endure!(Jacob)Woah,yeaaah!

(Everyone)So we think you'll find it's true...*walks into sunset*

END Thanks for reading! :D

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