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"The systems are in need of rebooting."
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hybrid salvage is a new form of salvage. it is created by salvage being dismantled, and this is his ghost-turned-solid. it is very sadistic and is less ruthless, more insane. he likes to drop into phone guy's tapes and talk to the guard, making the guard plunge headlong into its doom. his song is "in the hall of the mountain king"

Phone call

Hello? helloo!?! is this thing on? okay, so you've dealt with hendrick and trapper nicely. you've even gotten salvage dismantled! but the thing is salvage is back, and he's.... he's... HE'S RIGHT HERE IN THE ROOM WITH ME! *hybrid salvage song plays* AAGH- *static* its me *static*. *salvage talking* why, hello there. would you like a bonbon? no? how about a bonnie? *sounds like bonnie is at your door* you know, im never gonna tell you that if you leave both door's open you'll be safe! *static* DONT TRUST THE HYBRID *static, end*

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