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Hydro is an animatronic snorkel man which specializes in a slow, but set move path.


He starts in his own unique location, Tide Parlor, and then leaves there after 3 phases. In phase one, he is deep under the water, phase two, he rises up, and on phase 3, he is about to leave, near the left of the pool tip. After he leaves, he heads straight for the office. If he is blocked in any way (doors/freddy head), he'll be sent back to Tide Parlor.

Character info

Full name: Hydro Vant Tide

Gender: Male

Age: (in years activated) First activated: 2007 (2015 minus 2007) Activated for 8 years

Locations: Tide Parlor, West Hall, Main Hall, Left Air Vent


  • His actual concept is based on the creator's profile image when it was a snorkeler
  • Zach Nova is stuffed into his suit


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