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Hyper from Five Nights at Hyper's 1

Hyper(known as The Blood Lust Killer) is a bear animatronic who was built in year 1983 and was the third animatronic in the production.

Five Nights at Hyper's 1

Hyper looks a lot like Fredbear. He was created by using the same things to create Fredbear so he has the same endoskeleton and same coloured tophat and bowtie as Fredbear had. He looks alone in Bad Ending and the Truth Ending.

Five Nights at Hyper's 2


Withered Hyper from Five Nights at Hyper's 2

In the second game, he looks blue for unknown reason and he is withered and decayed due to murdering one child, he was thrown to the back room. There seems to be a photo from 1983 with Fredbear, Springbonnie, Golden Lockjaw and Hyper standing on a stage.

Five Nights at Hyper's 3


Toy Hyper/Hyper 3.0 from Five Nights at Hyper's 3: The Final Challenge

He looks more kid-friendly and happier. His friends on stage are Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica. He was rebuilt in the third game and looks more futuristic. In Bad Ending, he seems to be front of the dead child's body who was stuffed into ATB. In Good Ending he seems to have dropped his hat on the ground and opened a door. In Very Good Ending he is in a minigame where Purple Guy dismantled Hyper front of Fredbear and Springbonnie back in Fredbear's Family Diner. Toy Hyper stops Purple Guy and stuffs him into Springbonnie/Springtrap costume to die there. In Best Ending cutscene he has been dismantled and ask " Are you ready... for one last turn...?".

Five Nights at Hyper's 4: The Beginning

Hyper came back as the main enemy. He stays more withered state.

He seems to have a twin brother, Repyh, who looks fixed.


Repyh from last game

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