Hey guys! Its me,the creator of FNaF:A Pirates Life For Me!Anyways I decided to make a parody of this song:(w/ lyrics) .(without lyrics) I recommend watching the song before looking at this.Its about the bad emperors of my upcoming empire.Anyways,enjoy the song!

The Song

(Hybrid Bonnie)The famous Hybrid Empire

(Hybrid Foxy)Was the biggest,meanest neighbourhood

(Hybrid Freddy)We 4 were the baddest emperors

(Hybrid Toy Freddy)And by bad,we don't mean good!,


(Hybrid Bonnie)My name is Hybrid Bonnie,a rotten Hybrid member,If you crossed me at least once,I'd stab you in the arm!One time I killed a guard,who would come to be stuffed,you think it's sad that he's deceased,we all laughed like chumps!I'm very bossy,but take note,if you so much as whisper 'Nope!' With an endo's arm you will be smote,In a good mood today,so I won't slit your throat! I'm bad!

(Everyone Else)He's Bad!

(Hybrid Bonnie) A shameless rotten cad!Do you still have arms since meeting me?Then I guess you should be glaaaaddd! Woohoo!

(Hybrid Foxy)Your nastiness was fabulous,but my name is Hybrid Foxy,and I was far far worse.Just listen to my verse.I was quite notorious,for throwing poisonous knives at the enormous crowds,oh how they fled!If you won a lottery prize,I'd give you sand,dead birds,and flies.My house guests got a nice suprise,a tiger in their bed!You think to children I'd be cuter,no,I was their biggest executor,used their lobe to read the future,It says here I should get a job as a school tutor!I'm bad!

(Everyone Else)He's bad!

(Hybrid Foxy)Could argue I was mad! Hated through my empire,from Great Britain to Baghdaaaaaad,woohoo!

(Hybrid Freddy)Afraid your claim was bogus,cause my name is Hybrid Freddy,and no-one else could be,a worse emperor then me.There never was a greater,pretend sailor,if the noise got too loud,made my endos fight the crowd.Just one man was greater,Admiral Slater,so I killed him see,cause i'm the emperor me.I'm bad!

(Everyone Else)He's bad!

(Hybrid Freddy)My actions truly rad!

(Hybrid Toy Freddy)You only got the emperor job,cause you were chosen by your dad!

(Hybrid Toy Freddy)To me you all score 0.My name is Toy Freddy.Evil men your not,I'm the worstest of the lot!,wooo! My rule was full of fear-o,Yes men from far and near-o,called me a fighting hero,or I would have them stuffed! Changed the summer season,so the free-time went to me,son.Burned endos for no reason.Just a fun game I played you know.Poisoned my step-brother,ordered men to kill my father,tried to stuff him,but he fled,so I had him stabbed instead!Wait!There's more!With my first friend,dear Hybrid Balloon Bot,I showed truly bad behavior. Chopped his head off,gave it to,My best friend,who I then killed too.I'm bad!So baddy!Of badness i'm the daddy! Come on I want to see,a more evil bloke than me!

(Everyone Else)Your bad! Real bad! Nothing more to add!We all thought that we were awful,but you were really,truly maaaaaaaad! Woohoo!

(Hybrid Toy Freddy)I'm the baddest emperor my kingdom ever had.

END Thanks for reading!

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