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I used to be an Entertainer

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Kinda a song about Evelyn Cartwight used to be an Entertainer in Children's Circus. But later, she got fired from her job (because the mask she wore was later scaring the kids) and gets another job to become the new Night Guard. All rights reserved to Samanthatheflyingsquirrel25

Song Lyrics

I was used to be
An Entertainer
Or a Clown

But I don't remember
It's hard of being a Night Guard
(Balloon Boy laughing)

There are 2 vents
And zero doors
But the only thing to save myself

Is the Freddy mask
(Balloon Boy: Hello)
I had no choice

Or a cue
I don't know

Mangle looks torned apart (Mangle Radio Noise is heard)
Oh, I feel look so scared
Just Wind up the Music Box

The Puppet is coming for me
(Should I face my sorrow?)
(Maybe Not)

I was used be in Children's Circus
But it's hard of being a Night Guard

(I don't like this job at all)

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