Ice is mine, click on da link to find out who.


He is a 2.0 version of Draco, except different. He is a light blue, to make him not that menacing black color. he also now has wings, and the membranes are a sapphire blue. His eyes are silver, and so are his spikes. The spikes on his back are longer, and still sharp. There is a triangle at the end of his tail, and that is not sharp, but can be used for smashing. He also has ears like Foxy's, and horns, except he has four instead of two.

When he was being built, the engineers decided to make him a tough animatronic, so kids could not easily tear him apart. He has steel scales, and below the scales are steel plates, still allowing movement, and armor. Finally, he has a thick endoskeleton, and all the wires are inside of his endoskeleton. He also has padding on his hands and feet, so that he won't slide while walking. This also allows him to run faster, and get a better grip on things. When he grabs onto something, he won't let go, until he decides to. He can easily crush another animatronic in his grip, and it is very hard to escape his grip. He can also fly, but only up to 3 minutes before he has to recharge his wings for 5 minutes. His teeth are sharp, but he has been programmed to never bite down on a human, but if he wants to, he could bite down on an animatronic.


he is more friendly and social than Draco, and not an animatronic that you would try to pick a fight with. He has a cave called the Ice Lair, his starting point. He usually during the day doesn't come out much, but at night he will often leave it.


(I give you permission to freely edit ONLY this section, editing other sections will get me very mad. add a possible animatronic that he would be friends with.)

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