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IceCriticGamer1661's Shift at Object Show Land is a FNaF fan-game made by Nat García.


The player only haves a monitor with 10 cameras and a flashlight to defend from the enemies.



He is the main protagonist of the game. He is a fan of both Object Show and HTF and is a Wikia user. Strangely, his icon is from an image of The Loud House (which could indicate that he is also a fan of The Loud House).


The first enemy to become active. He is not very aggresive.


The second enemy to become active. He is slightly faster tan Nickel.


She is the third enemy to become active. If the player looks too long at a camera where she is, she will disable it for 3 seconds.


She is the fourth enemy to become active. She is a much more aggresive version of Flower that disables cameras for 5 seconds.

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