Icy the Eagle
Some attributes
First Eagle/animatronic
Second Female suit
Third Innocent-looking
Other attributes
Fourth Tailor
Fifth Sadistic (night)


Icy is a bald eagle with a gray hoodie, and a white skirt. She also has a rose in her feathers.

Character Bio

Fazbear Entertainment wanted to make a tailor animatronic to sew trinkets for kids, and thus, Icy was born. She is an innocent eagle during the day, but at night, she is extremely sadistic.

Social Life

Nobody was stuffed into her suit, unlike the other animatronics. She is popular with kids, BUT not so popular with pacifist animatronics...


Icy is innocent toward children, but very sadistic and mean throughout the night. She will "help" people then betray them for her own benefit. Most animatronics don't even realize this, however the ones that do try to avoid her as much as possible.

Special Relationships

Holly the Fox: They hate each other, as Holly is a pacifist and Icy... not so much. Icy tries to kill her A LOT, but Holly just manages to elude her.

Mina the Mink: Mina avoids Icy as much as possible, as she does know her intentions. However in the few times where Icy does catch Mina, she'll try to torture her as much as possible for her benefit.

Top Chef: The two get along okay, but Icy finds him slightly annoying.

Harry the Hyena: Harry refers Icy as his "senpai" and is very respectful towards her.

Any mean/sadistic/manipulative individuals: She treats any of those people as idols.

Freezer: Icy is one of the few animatronics that Freezer actually has a some respect for. He finds humor in her traitorous attitude, and she treats him like an idol at times. Also their names are both based on the cold. That's not even part of the relationship, I just put it here to make this section longer.


  • She is very, very, VERY malevolent. Beware!
  • She, along with Chara, Antony, Hazel, and Strawberry were inspired by the characters in a song.
  • Icy has light blue eyelids for some reason.
    • It is presumed to be eyeshadow by most animatronics and people.
  • Icy was originally going to be a seductress.
    • However, the creator decided to make Icy a troublemaker because there are too many seductive characters.
  • She represents lust.