Ike is an animatronic created by Shadowboy192.


After their final deal with Fazbear Entertainment, PPICP realized that they were losing employees in the balcony for some reason. Because of that, the management at PPICP thought about creating an animatronic(for the first time) that could do the job at the balcony for them, that's what they told to the other employees that still work in the building. Even though recently created, the ''new'' animatronic looks kinda rusty and old, like if he was brought back from another location. Later after a few days after Ike's creation, various machines from the parlor were not working at all, because someone had been cutting the wires at night. After various complaints from employees who were sick of having to fix the machines over and over again, the management decided to contract watchmen to see who or what was tampering with the machinery. After opening the place at day again, though, these watchmen were nowhere to be found and various cameras around the location were malfunctioning. More to be added later...(or not)


Ike is a humanoid animatronic. He looks like a stereotypical ice cream vendor. He wears a white hat, has a white body with a beige head, he also has dark blue pants and black shoes and wears a blue apron with white stripes on it. Ike has two metallic parts attached to where his hands were supposed to be(an ice cream scooper in his left and a cone holder in his right), they were made so he could pick up and give ice cream with ease instead of having it hold by an endoskeleton hand.


When working he seems to be a cool type of guy, always asking the kids if they want ice cream. Some few times he stops working and stands still for some minutes or repeats some phrase again and again. Sometimes when he gets close to children it looks like he is trying to pinch them with his ''hands''. When parents asking if he is malfunctioning or if he is safe to the children the management says ''the animatronic is safe, there are no problems with him''.


Ike Design V1

My first drawing of Ike. I don't know when/if I will make another one.

IkePixel (1)

Ike in a pixel art style.


Drawn By:SpringThing14


  • He has a connection to the freezer incident at PPICP.

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