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A story by Gaomon332


My friend and I were still looking for things to be placed in the attraction. Sure, we already had a lot of stuff, but there was nothing that would really stick with the guys who decided to go through. We had a few heads, a few suits, but it looked like all the Endoskeletons were destroyed or taken, so we couldn't activate any of the suits. We went to have one last look before we had to go through with Plan "Furry" (Dressing J up in a furry suit to scare the patrons, cheap, but at the point we were at, we'd do anything for the attraction. We'd dedicated almost an entire year to it, after all). Anyway, D and I arrived at the pizza place. Looking at it now, it's really hard to believe it used to be a place for kids. For starters, the place is full of spiders, rats, and other disgusting stuff. I probably saw a few cockroaches, too. The walls have this weird green tint to them, and the place is all grimy, mucky, and most of all, the place just stinks. Whether it's those missing kids I keep hearing about, or it's some degraded pizza left in the oven too long, I'll never know.

Anyway, D and I parted ways as we looked through the place. D had received a tip from a guy that helped with the building design, said they hid a room somewhere near the Restrooms. I honestly thought he was full of crap, I mean, why'd they hide a room at all? But anyway, D went off to find the "Hidden room", while I went my own way. I started near the kitchen, but I just couldn't stand the stench there. I went down one of the halls to the end, and I saw a little Office-type room. Monitors lined the walls, but they were all either turned off or smashed. There was a lone chair in the room, and on it sat what looked like some sort of 90's iPad. Picking it up, I looked through to find it wasn't on. Honestly not surprising, so I continued around the room. I found a drink that fell of the table, and by picking it up, I could tell there was still stuff in it. No way I was drinking it, though, so I set it back on the table and went on my way, out the opposite door to the one I came in via.

The other hall looked almost exactly like the East, though there was a small room to the side of it. Thinking it was a break room or something, I opened the door to have something fall on me. Hustling backwards from it, my skin felt like it would leap right off me. I looked at the thing that made me fall back, only to see it was a simple mop. I facepalmed, remembering this was the Supply Closet. We'd looked in there countless times for anything, but nothing ever turned up. Sighing and returning the mop to its place, I continued down the pizzeria. Exiting the hall, to my left a sign said "Pirate Cove, This Way!" But we'd looked there before, which is where we found the Foxy head. Entering anyway, I saw a purple-greenish curtain with lots of stars over it, and an abundance of tears lining the entire thing. Looking behind it, all I found was a small little pirate ship with figures of Foxy, and to a lesser extent, some of the other animatronics. This was kinda new, I don't think we'd ever seen it before, so I took it with me to see what D would want to do with it.

The only place I hadn't checked was the Backroom, but that was pretty much the first place we checked for things every time we came here, only exception being this time. I placed the little pirate ship on a nearby table and walked over to the Backroom door. Unfortunately, the door was closed, with the handle being all greasy. I sighed angrily, thinking D had closed the door last time we were here without me knowing. I attempted to open it anyway, and to no surprise, nothing happened. Rolling my eyes and stepping back to the table, I picked up the pirate ship and was about to go on my way, when the door opened seemingly on its own. I can't lie, my heart raced at this moment. Was D inside playing some sort of prank on me? "Yeah, that's gotta be it." I told myself over and over, when I really didn't know what it could be. Setting the little pirate ship on the table once more, I gulped, turned, and slowly entered the room.

Upon entering, I noticed the room to be a lot different than any of the other rooms. The air seemed a lot... cleaner, and the floor didn't have nearly as much pests on it. Usually, I'd love this moment in a place like this, but the fact that the door opened still scared me. I looked around the room to hear rustling in the corner right behind the door. Jumping back through it, the door stayed open as the rustling continued. Breathing heavily, I looked through the small hole in the door, to see something staring back at me. It was an animatronic bear, a bit similar to Freddy, but it looked a little different. I can't really say, but something about it told me it wasn't Freddy. Maybe its fur was lighter or something, right now, I just can't remember. The thing stared me down for as long as I looked at it, but I was unable to break eye contact with it. I thought that if I moved at all, the thing'd come crashing through the door for me.

At this moment, my Walkie-Talkie activated, with D on the other end seeming oddly happy. "Dude!" He shouted, his voice filled with enthusiasm "We found one! We actually found one! Just checked, Endo and everything! It's a little broke, but that'll add to the realism of the thing, right? 'Cos, y'know, it is real and everything. C'mon, I gotta show you! There was a little hole near the restrooms, and... Just- You'll see it when you get here! Move, not got all day!" I could tell how excited D was, I'd never heard him talk so fast in all my life. But then my happiness for the business soon turned into worry once again. The thing in front of me was still there, my only defense being a wooden door. I slowly walked backwards and stopped breathing so heavily, maybe D would know what it was. As I walked back, its eyes continued to follow me, just slightly. It was at this time I noticed something about its eyes, from what I could tell, Freddy's eyes were blue, whereas the eyes of this thing looked a little green. Nothing too different, but maybe he was an alternate Freddy suit or something.

The further I got away from the thing, the more I felt as if my body could move again. Eventually, I walked too far back and tripped over one of the tables, the one with the pirate ship, too. Picking myself back up in record time, I looked down to see the pirate ship all over the ground. Only the figures seemed to be intact. I cussed and kicked the table for causing me to miss this opportunity, but quickly looked back to see the figure gone. I rushed for the Restrooms to see D standing next to a massive hole in the wall with his arms crossed. "Hey, took ya long enough!" He half-joked, half-scolded me before taking me inside the room to see a Rabbit-like animatronic lying on the floor. Its fur looked yellow, but it might have even been green, I just couldn't tell due to its extremely withered appearance. There was rips and tears everywhere, with a few wires hanging out the sides too. The metal parts I could see coming out of it were rusty, so much so that I questioned if it would even work, with my answer being a reassuring from D that we'd "Do it somehow".

Helping D carry the thing was the hardest part, it's as if we were carrying another person with us! (The both of us aren't the most muscly guys in the world) Even with the constant pain in my shoulders, we were able to get the bot outside and pack it in the back of D's van. I was tasked with sitting in the back and making sure it wouldn't get any more broken than it already was, which I reluctantly agreed to. As D drove away, I looked at the pizzeria behind me, wondering if I'd ever see the place again. While I was scared crap-less by the thing I saw in there, it greatly intrigued me. Was it something D and I couldn't find all this time? Was it a hallucination caused by the horrible condition of the building? My mind continued to wander through various thoughts as D left a message on the attraction's phone for J, he told him we found one, and then even brought a few audio tapes from the place with him. He paused the call and told me to try and shut up for a minute while he played them. Doing what I was told, D drove past some police car with his phone to his ear, causing the officer to pull us over. D hastily told J he had to go and hung up, leaving him with some of those audio tracks playing. This lead to an awkward situation where we had to explain that, despite the smell, it was not a body we were carrying in the back. Somehow, the officer believed us first try and we were sent on our way. Driving back to the attraction, nothing happened to the bot, so we placed him near the entrance and drove home.

To be continued...