indomino is an animatronic I (Indominus)-rex and he's a hybrid of rexy and spiney on the body parts, but not on his head. His head has wires coming out on various ides and it looks like a white rexy with a snout that is a little longer. His torso has major tatters, revealing some endoskeletons and white mini-rexys and spineys coming out of his holes. His back has a spine that has 3 missing parts that are horribly dismantles with 4 wires on them, and he has 5 fingers on each of his hands. He can wear a horribly tattered hat like nightmare freddy, but it is red and it has a flower with only 2 petals on it. He is a nightmare animatronic.


He was once iron rexy from tyrannorex's family diner, as he was mostly known as "tyrannorex" at the time. After that, he was scrapped and replaced with rexy and rexy jr. In the second place, he was now known as iron rexy, when he appears at your office without a trigger. In the horror attraction, he once came out of the "safe room" or storage room as they call it, but he isn't anywhere to be seen in the cameras nor is he triggered.

He finally came back in the 3rd building of rexy's barbecue, or rexy's 4th building. He is also triggered randomly with no poster or anything. At this time, he got ink on himself, has no eyes like usual (instead of his jumpscare)and he has wires coming out of him. When he was in the 5th building / 4th barbecue place, He suddenly took a turn. One employee found him in the storage room, and then somehow made him a hybrid with unknown tools to mix animatronic pieces together. He is now known as indomino.


  • being an indominus rex, he has the name "indomino", which is most likely a pun of how indominus and domino sound similar.
  • Indomino is the only animatronic to not be a nightmare version of an animatronic and be a hybrid at the same time.
  • His red hat that has a flower is most likely a reference to paul from llamas with hats
  • Despite the hat, Indomino is actually a boy.
  • Indomino is a counterpart of rexy, considering that one type of DNA that indominus rexes have that make them a hybrid is T-rex DNA, and is a counterpart of spiney, although spinosaurs have no relationship with an I-rex whatsoever.

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