Warning this is very disgusting and in many cases............makes me look like a child killer.


"You have reached Parts and Services."
The following page is currently under construction. That means some things featured may not be final and will be edited in future. This could also mean you can request ideas in the comments or edit the page if allowed. However, it's best to ask to edit the page, or check if the page has a "public" template.

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For now, just read OK?

Does everyone have their stuff ready?

  • The heart is one of my favorite organs to remove from a child. Please be careful as you cut the child's chest.
  • Now that you have done that, you must yank the liver out, then cut the stomach.
  • Now to the fun stuff. You must then crack the skull open at the back of the head.Make sure to not spill the blood and brain juice.
  • Now, take the guts and intestines out. This will allow you to stuff the child safely and securely.
  • Great! Now that you are done brutally murdering the child, you must open the back strap of animatronic to safely put the body inside. Be sure to not get stuck in the springlocks or you will be crushed in a painful and agonizing manner.
  • To prevent odor, use, something.
  • Now that the he/she is in the suit, you have competed stuffing a child in a suit.

But now what about a stuffing a child inside a puppet?

  • Dress up as a mascot and lure a child to the backroom. Shut the door.
  • Now take the child and undress him/her, but not in a sexual manner.
  • Now the child is fully naked, skin the child until there is nothing but muscle.
  • Drain the child until there is nothing but husks.
  • Stuff the fresh body in the puppet costume.
  • Clean up and your done.

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