NSFW-ToyChica Not Safe for Work
Inventing 3 is considered Not Safe For Work (NSFW), meaning it might contain gore, sexual themes, or other unsuitable works. Please take consideration when reading this page.

You've stuffed a child in a suit, you've eaten a delicious meat pizza, you've drank a nutritious protein shake. What now? How bout you give 'em a skeleton? A REAL skeleton! Well, you can't tell them it is a real skeleton though. Say it's a model, heh, heh. Let's learn how to give a skeleton as a gift.

Does everyone have their stuff ready?

  • First off, you need a donor. Go into the pizzeria and take one of the spring lock suits, and climb inside. Do not touch or breathe on the spring locks at any time.
  • Look for a child. Any child. Try and lure a child to the back of the pizzeria.
  • Shut the door.
  • Reveal yourself to the child, and murder the child. You can kill the child slowly or painfully, your choice.
  • Now, quickly run out of the pizzeria with the dead child.
  • Once you have ran to your place of residence, put the child on the table.
  • Use gloves and remove all of the clothing from the child.
  • Next, take a knife and skin the child alive.
  • Remove the muscles as well.
  • Once you have gotten to the skeleton, it's time for the main event.
  • Take a hammer and slowly break the ribcage.
  • Carefully remove all organs.
  • You may keep the organs for food later.
  • Take superglue and glue back the ribcage.
  • Carefully crack open the head.
  • Remove the brain.
  • Keep the brain for food if you wish.
  • Use superglue and glue the skull back together.
  • Now, after all this yanking, there should be lots of blood.
  • Take as much soap as you can, use bleach if needed, and remove the blood.
  • Now, get a large box and place the skeleton inside.
  • Mail it to the person you're giving it to. Say you gave them an awesome "model" skeleton! They'll love it....... hahahaha.