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Fazbear Enterainment did have state-of-the art machinery- in nineteen eighty seven, the company had robots with facial recognition technology, and the ability to roam around the establishment, creating actual conversations with consumers. The machinery was pretty much the entire reason why Fazbear Entertainment was such a huge success. However, when one takes a look at the food served, they have quite a small menu, and not only that, the few items which are listed are usually reviewed by critics as tasting like plastic. Obviously, selling plastic pepporoni pizza would not result in a good source of income. Meaning, they needed something else. Perhaps, they could stop have children playing games for free to receive plushies for free, and begin to sell plushies for five dollars a piece. Perhaps, that could work.. When children would say, "mommy, i want a freddy plushie!", their parents would walk to the plushie counter, have a dollar ready, and upon hearing that a plushie costs five dollars, they would quickly rush their children out of the establishment, and say, they would never be returning again. ..Obviously, this resulted in a medium-level budget drop. 

They had to get creative now, selling items that were free in the past would be counter-productive. So, the next idea was to revisit the spring-locks and sell spring-lock suits for halloween costumes for children. One spring-lock suit was purchased, and the next day, the kid who had tried the suit on went to the emergency room. Luckily, because it was one person, Fazbear Entertainment covered the entire thing up with the excuse of, "set-up procedures were not followed". The next thing they tried was creating an app, that would allow parents to find a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in their area. While the idea was amazing, the fact that Fazbear Entertainment requested seven dollars to use this app was not. Yet another idea scrapped. The bite of eighty-seven occurred a few days after the most recent failure to get more money, and then, four years later, the establishment was re-opened in a much smaller location. The long-forgotten idea of selling things to earn money was brought up again when the establishment had to run on double a batteries during night. Before the company was about to sell Freddy Fazbear t-shirts, one of the employees suggested an amazing idea. 

The establishment did somehow have robots who could communicate with the audience, and walk around during after-hours. Perhaps, they could use the formula for their animatronics.. in some sort of robot, yes. A robot that could be programmed to preform tasks, yes, amazing! And so, they did just that. While yes, Fazbear Entertainment did manage to receive a few thousand dollars from the first robot manufactured.... no more of them could be produced, as the Health Department shut the establishment down, never to be seen again. The one robot purchased was lost by the owners, and since they were an incredibly rich family, they did not really care, a few thousand dollars could be made in about a week or two. The Invention would soon be left to collect dust in a large desert.

A few years after the first robot was thrown away, it would soon be discovered by Noir Munroe. On his way to eliminate his son for mating with a robot, he found himself lost in a desert. He was incredibly dehydrated, and on the verge of death, until he discovered the Invention laying in some sand. Out of curiosity, he picked it up, and came with a large manual, explaining it's properties. Noir had taken a python class in school, maybe, maybe by pure luck, it could be configured to search for water. Noir programmed the machine, and it went on it's quest to search for water. After a few minutes as Noir sat dying in the hot sand, the Invention returned, Noir's watter bottle in hand, filled to the top. Noir was suprised, and the machine even directed Noir as to where the oasis was, to cool down, and get hydrated. 

The Invention would be Noir's way of escaping the desert, to reach the city, where he could continue his quest. Noir, before leaving, downloaded a file into the Invention, allowing it to be free, and do as it wished. Noir said a final goodbye, and the machine continued to stay in the desert, serving the first person who gave it freedom whenever he needed it.


The Invention is a small, milk-white, robotic humanoid. Invention's head is a circle with no obvious features with the exception of two blue eyes, and two cat ears. Invention's torso is incredibly large and circular, and it's two arms are about as wide as a average-build human's arms. Invention's legs are small in comparison to it's body, being both small in length and width. Invention's back has a visible square outline occupied by four spots to unscrew. When opened, a large control panel is revealed. This panel contains a keyboard, a keypad, and a USB Port. The usb port is used to upload files into the Invention, while the keyboard is used to type pyton to program the invention.

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