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"You have reached Parts and Services."
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Jade is a security guard who works at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. She works the day shift as a job for Highschool.

Physical Appearance

Jade has light orange hair that is rather thick and is braided. She is fair skinned, and is slightly chunky, while it's not easy to notice. She is 4'11", and weighs 129 pounds. Her eyebrows are a darker orange, and are thick.

She is missing a front tooth, and it is one of the most notable features about her. Other than that, her dental is pretty average, and doesn't affect her.


Jade wears the Security Guard jacket assigned to the guards that work at the pizzeria, plus the badge. Underneath that, she wears a light purple sweater is snug against her. She wears baggy jeans, and white socks. She wears a pair of sneakers that are black, that happen to be used for running.

Because she braids her hair, Jade uses a pink hair tie.


Jade is shown to be very pessimistic, and overall violent. She never does find her way into conversations, and just ignores everyone.

She will plug in her earbuds if someone is annoying her, and will wait 'til they leave.

Her violence is shown a lot towards anyone, and if someone dares do something she doesn't like that crosses over lines, she will not hesitate to show her hostility.

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