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This is jake very creepy

Jake day

This is jake at day


Jake is a very loving and careful guy he helps kids that fall down but when it's night his eyes get blood underneath and his eyes go green jake respects everyone except toy Freddy jake does tend to get murderous at times when in a fight he can utterly dominate anyone he can even dominate Dominick The Silent which is unusual


Jake is friends with everyone except toy Freddy

Attack path

Jakes attack path is like this Game area-hall-left vent-office on rare occasions he does this game area-hall-office


Jake is friends with everyone except toy freddy

Jake always helps when needed

It is unknown where the blood is from maybe is stuffed body or dead people

Jake has the power to dominate Dominick the silent

Jake only hurts people if they hurt other people

Jake tends to hangout with Dominick the silent Dracus and Catzy

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