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Jazz's Animatronic Adventures Part 2

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Jazz slowly found herself returning to consciousness and her endoskeleton shook, and her eyes lit up as the darkness faded away. She blinked her eyes several times in order for the fuzziness to clear. Their was a click inside of her endoskeleton and Jazz felt her mind switch on.

She slowly turned her head left and right, taking in her surroundings. She was lying in a dark, but small room. No light was on, except for a dim lamplight seated on top of a desk, a chair was turned with its back to her, but this didn't catch her attention as of yet. From behind her, she could hear strange laughing, and she felt something brush over her.

Soon enough, there was another click and her limbs shook back to life. Jazz was on her feet now, her eyes swiveling along with her body as she searched for the source of the laughter and the thing that had slightly brushed her. "Where am I? Who's there? How did I get here? Why am I here?"

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