Jesster is a female, human jester who from time to time appears in Freddy's place to do jester-ish tricks for the kids. She debuts in Five Nights of Bloodlust.

Jesster's first image, with a Freddy Fazbear Head to her left.


Jesster starts at Kid's Cove, then moves to the Game Area, Main Hall, to Party Rooms 3 and 1, and straight into the Left Air Vent. When she gets in the office, she will steal the player's Freddy Fazbear Head until the player dies, or survives until 6AM. If she runs off with it, she will do a second loop, this time, going to jumpscare you.


Jesster should always be watched closely, even if she gets close and is in the vent.  Keep watch at all times using the lights. If Balloon Boy gets in too, you are wide open to anything. Just because she steals your Freddy Fazbear head, doesn't mean you don't have to use it. Use it, and she'll spin out of the vent in no time.


Jesster was once a young, usual town girl. She used to go the Freddy's place all the time, and enjoyed the show on the stage, and ponder what it would be like to BE the entertainer to entertain the kids. 5 months later, she found a jester costume locked away in Freddy's place, and put it on, which now made her a member of Freddy's team. Now she feels that she's making a difference, big or not, it's still a dream come true.


  • Her name is a mix of the common girl name Jess, and jester
  • Jesster is the first jester on the entire wiki,the second one is the Birthday Jester

Games she appears in

Five Nights of Bloodlust - Animatronic, steals the Freddy Fazbear Head.

Government Operation - 3rd boss, can invert the player's controls.

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