John Aqua is a character made by User:Ivan the iguana and is the peace-keeper between Jace redd and the purple guy.


John Aqua is a worker who started in around the time when Jace and Purple started. He wears a cerulean blue outfit, natural light blue hair (there was something wrong with him, a sickness most likely, but some people speculate radiation exposure as a child, because his dad was a scientist) ice blue eyes, and blue veins showing in places. He's white, he has a buff figure, and can be seen with his shirt off when working outside. He has a light blue golfers hat, ( which he wears constantly.


John has a happy-go-lucky attitude, and never is seen with a frown. He loves helping people, and hates fights. As such, he tries to stop them whenever he sees one happening, animatronic or human. He tries to stay close to Purple or Jace while working, but he finds that tricky as Jace's a mechanic, Purples a normal worker, and he's a Janitor. At times he can be seen standing against the back wall outside, smoking or smiling to himself about how clean he keeps the place.


Jace Redd: John met him during the opening day of Fredbear's, and the instantly became friends. They were friends up to the day that Jace was killed inside Gearkreig, and he led the search for him.

The Voice in The Darkness: On the rare occasions the have met, a hatred grew between them. Now they are mortal enemies.


  • John Aqua was made after a discussion with User:Aldrasos about purple and Jace.
  • He is know as "The Blue Guy" with the employees.
  • He is the only Janitor at Fredbear's, Fazbear's pizza, Fazbear's pizzeria (second game), Freddy Fazbear's pizza (first game), and is referenced in Fazbear's fright (third game).
  • At times he can be seen in cameras, cleaning. But for some reason the animatronics don't acknowledge him.
  • He has a mini-me, Jake Aqua, made by System X.
  • In his free-time, John likes to watch animes and web-series.


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