Name: Joker

Description/Back Story: Joker lived his life as a crime lord in an old city named Gotham where he suffered some mental problems. Joker devoted his life long goal to eliminate the vigilante known as "The Bat" or as most would say, "Batman". Joker was never able to stop him and achieve his goal and as the years passed he died in Gotham on April 1, 2023 only to be rebuilt as a robot.

Gender: Male

Appearance: just like the joker but with a metallic feel and a creepy smile, green wave like hair and a nice purple tux with a green tie, orange long sleeve dress shirt underneath and purple formal pants and fancy polished black shoes

Personality: Depends on the situation, usually bursts out into crazy laughter, all out random most of the time.


"Oh the bat is dead, the bat is dead, what old bat? That old bat!"

Trivia: Joker still acts as the "man on top" and may tend to annoy the others, or simply scare them in a few simple words, and he still thinks about the bat even though he is dead. Joker has nightmares of the bat every night but usually tends to sooth himself with his crazy laughter and little tunes that he makes up. The last fact about the Joker is that he will stop at nothing to fulfill his goal of the day, and each day that goes by that he doesn't fulfill that goal, he will grow a strong obsession with that goal until it is complete.

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