Julian the Bat is an animatronic used only around Halloween time. He replaces Chica in the band from October 25 - November 4. Julian has appeared in Five Nights at Kami's, but no other games.


Julian is a simply designed humanoid bat. He has a monocle that he rarely ever wears. His wings can be detached, and worn like a cape to only have the small talons. He is similarly shaped to Foxy, and has equally sharp teeth.


Julian is scared of pretty much anything. While not scared of his friends, like Amy, he is scared of heights, the Puppet, and anything that makes a creaking sound. When he is wearing the monocle his IQ is raised to 180 (An IQ of 140=genius). He is aggravated by bright lights.


Amy the Cat

Amy and Julian are best friends. Julian helps Amy calm down around people, and Amy helps him with being scared of everything else. The two had crushes on each other, but Amy lost interest in him in favor of Bonnette.


Julian does not talk to Bonnette at all. Bonnette is cheerful very often, and Julian feels ashamed of himself around her.

Golden Amy

Since Golden Amy does secretly exist to torture Amy, she doesn't hang out with Julian. Julian tries to be friends with her, but Golden Amy avoids him anyway.

Mangled Emy

Julian considers ME an acquaintance more than anything. He secretly has a crush on her, but he doesn't let himself believe it.


  • He was made up on the same thread on the FNaF canon wiki as Bonnette's first RP appearance.
  • As an odd coincidence, in the obscure kid's show "Ruby Gloom" there is a character named Scaredy Bat, who is also scared of everything.

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