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phone call saying why she is undead...

she came back from the dead... umm or something like that i guess she looks different now... she smarter than before and umm i guess people say that her spirit lived and possessed an older model of kashikoi so um yeah just watch out...


she has long blonde hair that she puts most of into a pony-tail she wears thick glasses, a shirt, Jeans
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she has a long yellow tail (the tip is a darker yellow than the rest) she wears a dark blue tie and she normally smiles she also has holes and dirt marks around the knees of her pants and her elbows because she falls over alot and is always fighting. she has thick glasses witch you cant see thru (but on rare occasions you will be able to see her with wide eyes and a frown) she can also be found lying around on a sofa or a set of chairs in the pizzeria


she is smart, devious and cunning she can normally be found in the corner with 1. her hands in her pockets 2. leaning on the wall. She is there if a little child has a question like where is the bathroom or if its a random question she will always answer it. she is very clumsy and nearly always breaks things or falls. she can be found with a knife to KoKo's throat but Holly the fox will always stop her from killing KoKo

Back story

she keeps it secret so if any one asks she always says 'ask again I dare you but if you do i'll slit your throat'


she hides from KoKo (you will find out why later) but she doesn't hide from any other animatronic she says that she likes to stay away from other animatronic and she doesn't interact with them much she has few "friends" she is violent and yet peaceful she loves to fight but she will never use her full strength (and she normally wins anyway but she mostly fights with KoKo) she has "test subjects" she is sorta like konton and megumi but instead she tests their fighting skills and knowledge if they have good knowledge and are good at fighting she will keep an eye on them and see if they want to join her "army" that she will use to destroy the pizzeria



she is actually KoKo's younger sister but KoKo is always hitting her and calling her names so she stays away from him.


she dislikes Megumi because shes not strong and she isn't the brightest and doesn't like getting her hands dirty

Toy Megumi

they are ok but you wouldn't say they were friends but she likes using toy megumi's looks to get to people.


well she has not fallen in love with him like megumi and ebony have but she thinks he's a friend of hers


her an Ebony are close friends and she sometimes wears Ebony's mask and lets Ebony wear her glasses

Holly the fox

Holly the fox restrains her and stops her from killing KoKo



  • I based her off me (look on my page of facts to find out some things we have in similar)
  • she doesn't have many friends
  • (look on my page of fact and find out so many similarity's we have)
  • she has a withered version but no toy version


when she kills KoKo - you have lived a life, you don't need to live another, because if you did it'd be a pain! YOU END HERE!!!

when she sees Holly the fox before killing KoKo - TONIGHT YOU WONT STOP ME!

when someone asks about her past - 'ask again I dare you but if you do i'll slit your throat'

The Child, Kibo

Kashikoi never really had any fans. the occasional glance from a child is all she got but there was always one child, called Kibo, she would look up at Kashikoi and smile and say "I 'wish' I could be as smart as you!" Kibo was killed by the purple guy a few months after she started coming to the pizzeria Kashikoi was so infuriated, she wanted Kibo to stay "alive" so she stuffed Kibo into her own suit. Kibo isn't the child's real name because Kashikoi never learned the child's real name but she like the way she said that she wished so Kashikoi thought she didn't have to wish about being smart again thus giving the child the name Kibo.


kashikoi from phantom ITS GREAT I LOVE IT!!!

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