Kate The Cat is a female cat animatronic. She was first built by Johnson Studios and used in Fazbear Funhouse in 2026 - 2030. She would read short stories to the children there. She was mostly popular with toddlers and older children weren't really much interested in her. She was one of the most unpopular mascots there.


  • 2026 - 2030 Katie Smith
  • 2037 - 2037 Jenny Rogers
  • 2107 - 2109 Sophia Barnard



Kate is a pink cat animatronic with red rosy cheeks. She has pink fur along with a yellow bowtie. The center of her chest and the inside of her palms are white. She is made of plastic similar to the toy animatronics.


  • Jessica the Cat: Jessica The Cat was a early prototype of Kate that was originally going to be used at Fazbear Funhouse. However the company eventually decided to scrap her due to her glitchy A.I. After she was scrapped she was locked in the Storage Room and used for spare parts.
  • Kate 2.0: Kate 2.0 is Kate's second model used at Freddy Fazbear Funtime in the late 2030s. She was pretty much the same but she had better A.I and she now had a few design alterations such as now wearing a top hat.
  • Kate 3.0: Kate 3.0 is Kate's third and last model. She was used at Fazbear's Party Diner. She was the most advanced model. She could take song requests and have full conversations with the guests.

Fan Art


Kate! By: SpringThing14