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Kate The Cat is a animatronic cat. She is female. She was used at Fazbear Funhouse. She starts in The Reading Area.


  • 2026 - 2030 Katie Smith
  • 2037 - 2037 Jenny Rogers
  • 2107 - 2109 Sophia Barnard



She has rosy cheeks, Pink fur and a yellow bow tie. Some of her body is white. She is made of plastic. She is a toy animatronic.


  • Jessica the Cat: Jessica was a early prototype version of Kate that was going to be used at Fazbear Funhouse, but she was scrapped and replaced with Kate.
  • Kate 5.0: Kate 5.0 is a pink cat animatronic with a yellow bowtie and two black buttons on her chest. She is pretty withered.
  • Kate 6.0: She is very shiny. She has a black top hat with a red stripe on it and a yellow bowtie. She still has red cheeks. She carries around a brown cane.
  • Phantom Kate: She is very burnt, her eyes are black/white. Her left arm's felt is gone revealing her endoskeleton. Her ear's felt is gone to revealing her endoskeleton ears. Her waist is also burst open.

Fan Art


Kate! By: SpringThing14

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