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In the late 1980s, in places like Orlando, Fl, existed a Pizza Place and Bowling Alley called Pizza Alley. There were many animatronics like Sparky the Dog, Peppy the Penguin and Reggie the Raccoon but, the leader was an animatronic named Katrina the Cat. This animatronic is the 5th model of Katrina designed to be the Freddy Fazbear of the Group having a microphone and being the lead singer.


Katrina is a female animatronic based off of a Persian Cat. She has white fur with a black shirt and coat, a purple Bowtie and a multi colored skirt. She has a face design inspired by Cindy the Cat from FNAC but, with White Foxy like fur, on the sides of her head, rosy cheeks on those, an black nose, yellow eyes, long whiskers, orange hair, cat ears, and a tail near her torso. Her face can split apart and come back together similar to the Funtime Animatronics. She is very tall.

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