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This page is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all.


Bear the Bear used to have various qualities that would prove that he is indeed an animatronic of the regular nature. As of a specific date in time, Bear the Bear was brutally dismantled and then revived as an animatronic not possessing qualities that a regular animatronic would have. This new form possessed qualities to prove that he is indeed of the royal status in a specific kingdom of the three kingdoms which currently exist at this specific date in time. In this new form, Bear the Bear removes the head garment he once dawned on his top-most part of body, and replaces it with a new head garment showing royal status. Bear the Bear no longer has an item that is used to amplify sound frequencies in order to amplify sound waves, but rather, a new item that is not used to amplify sound frequencies, but rather, an item that proves Bear the Bear is indeed royal. Bear the Bear now has a specific clothing item to prove he has obtained the royal status on the part of the body that is directly behind the belly.


One day, Bear the Bear was captured by various human-beings which various tools that are used for the purpose of removing each joint of the animatronic from the stomach area. Bear the Bear, after the ritual occurred, Bear the Bear was in a state in which it is obvious that something unthinkable has occurred. Then, something happened at the establishment which would later come after the final building where nourishment is acquired. The next location that was created that featured various items to cause a feeling of dread was destroyed because of a chemical reaction. Bear the Bear was located and revived in the brand new form he is now, stronger then ever.

Phone Call

"Hello. Hello. It seems that I am using this device that shows various colors in order to communicate with you. I am going to tell you about one of our characters that was developed by using various gems located at the bottom of the Earth. This animatronic has a name. It is a bear. It's name is King Bear the Bear. It has various garments. If it goes into the office, it will cause a feeling of dread inside you, causing you to feel nervous and scared. It will promptly preform an act to signal you have been acquired. Then, you are executed using various weapons, and a spare suit developed for use when the other suits are not operating.

Alright, that should be-- "Roar" Oh no. Don't do it. "Roar. Roar." Please. Bear. I don't want this. Please. I am a human who's task- "Ha. Ha. Ha." ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

--Phone Guy, Five Nights at an Animatronics, One of the Nights


  • King Bear the Bear is a kingly version of Bear the Bear.
  • King Bear the Bear is an animatronic.
  • King Bear the Bear is evil.

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