The two.

"Ah, hello, traveler. Care to make a deal? Just...don't tell anyone, ya hear? We like a private business for our faithful customers"...-King Pin

"Yeah, don't tell anyone, see?! Or we gonna whack you, got that?"-Balla.

King Pin and Balla are a duo of animatronics that are forming a mafia-like gang in a hideout near the CC Capital, Sancterium City. King Pin appears as a bowling pin, complete with a human body wearing a brown suit, and Balla appears as a blue blowing ball with black eye holes.


A bowling attraction spanning off from Pirate's Cove, in the FNAF1 pizzeria in 2002, was being built, with King Pin and Balla being the two main animatronics there, to tell kids about the bowling games and such. At night, King Pin and Balla met each other, and were determined to become the dominant animatronics at Freddy's.

They started small; hiding animatronic slip-ups, programming new material to avoid being scrapped, damaging enemy animatronics, for money. Eventually, they took the operation out of Freddy's, forming a small mafia family for animatronics to go to for problems and heists.


King Pin, for a mob boss, is very generous and lenient on his trustees, and is very opening if you follow what he says. If you don't, Balla comes in, the fierce, unforgiving animatronic with a somewhat annoying personality.

Special Relations

They seem to be attracted towards daughters of animatronics and humans, as they act as a sort of Godfather they could go to favors for. So far, Lucile has taken up the offer, and they are trying to find other people to be a part of the family.

Yellow Guy-King Pin is aware of his past as a murderer, and he tries to warm up to him, so he could be a member of the family. Balla almost always screws up the offer, by telling him to join or get 'whacked'.

Katherine Steel-Pin offered his services to her, but she denied it and Balla tried to kill her because of it. He is trying to apologize to her, in hopes she could be a family member, but she is still vengeful.

Ylviere Kingsland-Balla has a love interest in her, and she is actually a very useful member of the Pin Mafia Family; Her comics sell well with animatronics and Pin treats her like his own.


-They appear as a merchant in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina, so far. More appearances are planned, such as a OC Adventures episode of their arrival.


-Balla convinced Nightmare Lindsay to be apart of the mafia family as an unofficial wife to King Pin until he can find a real soulmate, in addition to having her perform jobs.

-A mini-me proxy of an unknown animatronic that Balla killed serves as King Pin's proxy, named Gangsta.

-A CC Titan was given to them by Yellow Guy in exchange for Lucile being under protection, nicknamed 'Caprionge'.


-King Pin and Balla are two gangster terms, a reference to their mafia gang.

-They aren't necessarily good or evil; they are allies to those they trust, and will do whatever to serve a member of the family.

-There is a code of honor in the Pin family:

1. Never hurt another member of the family.

2. No talking about the Pin family unless on business.

3. Do whatever it takes to better the family.

4. And please to dear god, no cutting off sentences. Annoys the heck outta me.

The last rule is a reference to The Sopranos, where episodes would cut off mid-sentence.


Ah, what a lovely daughter...We'd love to protect this little flower, from any harm. There is bad animatronics out there...We just need a favor from you in return.-King Pin.


Balla. Please, not right now. Go whack something else. -King Pin.

Boss, there is something I wanna talk to--Balla.

......Balla. Finish your sentence before I kill you.-King Pin

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