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(her idea came from Larry)


She wears a yellow miner's hat witch has a broken light. She carries a real pickaxe (like Larry) and she wears a black T-shirt and yellow overalls. She has long hair that she keeps in a bun underneath her hat. Her stare scares everybody. (some people say it send shivers down your spine) She wears grey boots. She has a long fringe that's always in her eyes. She has a long fluffy tail that is so soft (the feel makes some people fall in love with her ;) )

WIN 20160410 132720


She only has her eyes set on one person ;) (bet you can guess who) She is very forgetful and she doesn't like to be bothered (as she i probably thinking about Larry) . She doesn't like it when males are attracted to her because she thinks it might make the one she likes hate her (so pathetic V,V) She is always hiding in corners following the one she likes (STALKER!)


She was built in Freddy's to be a waitress but when the night guard realized that other animatronics stayed away from her (probably because they didn't want to make her angry) he thought they were afraid of her and told the owners that she would be better as a miner or something rather than a waitress because down in the miners place nobody would have to put up with her (except larry ;) )


Larry the Lizard she loves him but Larry doesn't know. He thinks they're just friends.

Kashikoi the Fox she admires Kashikoi and they are great friends

Peppermint the Skunk although Peppermint likes Abigail the Rabbit he likes Kogyo too and he follows her around so Kogyo hates him (yet again pathetic V,V)


Kogyo means mining I called her Kogyo because it was the only female like name to do with mining

Kogyo is sorta like me the only parts like me are, the stare X3 she is tough like me X3 (first of all that's sorta a lie but a few people in me i guess X3)

Anyway as i always say if you want to make a relationship with her that's good and since larry is taken she could have a love relationship with somebody but the moment larry is free she would most likely dump them

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