Koko the samurai coyote


Koko the Samurai By MakaKishinKiller

Koko the samurai (Cityws)


coyote, male animatronic with very thick yellow fur very sharp teeth that sometime vary from white to red, a brown hat that he normally hangs around his neck and a samurai sword with a green handle, with big green eyes and a big black nose, he has big puppet like buttons, big long ears that are quite thin his shirt is light blue and body a bit thicker than the puppet, sometimes his eyes turn from green to black or red

Back story

He was originally made to take the puppets place because the puppet creeped people out. but then they decided to scrap the idea and leave him and then a new creator decided to take the idea but leave the puppet like jacket and just turn it blue so instead of his fur being black it turned yellow and and they gave him a hat and a samurai sword.


He was meant to function like the puppet but the new creator wanted to do something else, now he functions as a solo singer and he normally howls in the middle of a song. Sometimes he sings in the middle of the night "yoddalehiho i'm coming for you".


He stays at samurai's cove which is next to pirates cove. He likes to mess arround with the othe animatronics by howling and his howl echoing throughout the pizzeria. because he has such a slim body he doesn't need to stay in the vents long instead he just goes through easily into your office and you cant even hear him going through. sometimes he will just leave but sometimes he stays for awhile and if he stays for awhile he howls calling other animatronics even if he doesn't like them.



He likes mangle and mangle does not mind him

Chica/Toy Chica

He hates Toy Chica and likes Chica strangely enough.

Freddy/Toy Freddy

He hates Freddy and does not mind toy Freddy


Foxy is one of his close friends. bonnie and bonnie 2.0 he hates but doesn't mind to work with he can go in the same room as foxy Chica and Mangle but no one else because


Fauna and him are in a relationship


howl is his son


he is Kashikoi's bigger brother


  1. He only likes Foxy Chica and Mangle.


This is not my character, I simply made this character for my friend MakaKishinKiller, all credits go to her.

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